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Hashtags are basically a programming algorithm that helps searches generate related topics.
I see many who aren't using them correctly.  
If you want to properly drive search leads to your post, use these steps on your posts or website.

1.) Use a General Topic for your hashtags, not a cute,  personalized random tag!!  For music artists, definitely use #music as one of your tags!   
2.) Use a state, country or area you live in or where your event is gonna be featured on or at, is another great option!
3.)  Try not to use more than 3 tags and place the tags at the very bottom of your post  

Some sites generate a list as you type out the tag, showing how many posts are attached to a tag  Choose the one with the highest # of posts.


Recently, laws have been put in place to protect artist‘s royalty rights in the digital streaming section and two agencies were created to help govern and facilitate the distribution from the digital streaming platforms to the Artist.   It’s free to register and use their services.

1). The MLC
2). SoundExchange
SoundExchange in depth guides for registration:


Also,  choose one performing rights agency (PRO), for collecting royalties from your music that is being used on other public platforms other than digital streaming. 

See my guides on the last link below, for more information on choosing which one that works best for your career goals. 

When you can afford to, don’t forget to register your work to the USA copyright office at:

(note:  It’s cheaper to register a whole album or EP, rather than each single work!)

DistroKid offers a Free service to prevent fraudulent royalties claims from imposters.  Free to register for all artists, regardless if they purchase their distribution services or not. 
Register here:


Ive researched many options for independent DIY music tools. 

*Using the above links to register your
 Here are services that are optimal & necessary to your business of music:

Many options are available. Some companies better than others.  I have a spreadsheet comparison chart that I’m updating and will add the link soon!  Your choice depends on what services you want.  (ie: distrokid, tunecore, BeatStars, etc). 

*For those who want to take it deeper, and have a team can take this route:

1.) Pay for a publishing license provided by your PRO (performing rights agency), you can be your own label! 
2a.) Register/pay to be your own distribution company. 
The annual $265. membership fee (for sole proprietor/small businesses).
2b.) Learn the protocol language syntax for uploading to the digital streaming services. 
It is possible to become your own streaming service!  (ie: same as what iTunes, Spotify, etc. does)!  



FREE •DAW (Digital Audio Writer)

1).  BandLab  (Cakewalk)

A Free web/mobile all-in-1 program, user friendly, collaboration options, social site, contests, and other free sounds/tools, including mastering!  They continue to improve and geared towards supporting the artists  with free services  


2).  Audacity

 This Open source program is a great option and no upgrade necessary to get your tracks done! Not technically a full Daw, but great for editing and more. 

3).  Ampify Studio

These guys are a hidden gem.  Focusrite is the parent company.   Simple user interface and easy to learn!  The full upgrade option is cheap, under $10/mo., but not necessary.  The free version comes with a few free non-exclusive soundpacks and a few more if you register your email.  *Note: you cannot import your own tracks unless you upgrade. 
They offer a 30-Day free premium trial for the upgrade & the premium options include:  unlimited usage of their soundpacks, more section channels, and audio import. 


✵ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇsᴛ ᴏᴠᴇʀᴀʟʟ ᴘʀᴏ ᴅᴀᴡ


Free to use for 60 days, then a one time purchase @$60!  This is absolutely the best!  So many capabilities packed in the software!  The manual is 400+ pages, but if you are adept at using software programs, this is super easy to learn!


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