$5.00 - $50.00 On Sale

Taking donations to help pay for my new body care product line startup,
Sana Resina Heal Balm.
Designed to help ease multiple body ailment conditions.

💎Receive 1.5 of Heal balm with a gift of $20.
Optional, customized formula of your choice.

🌀B.A.C.K. (Body Aid Care Kit)
Within minutes, the balm penetrates the skin derma layers to relieve:
•Muscle pain
•Skin aliments
•Wound/Scar aftercare

Also great for:
•Nail & hair supplément
•Bug repellent
•Stress & anxiety relief

👉🏼*Optional customized formulas created for specific conditions.

*Pet formulas available!

Contact me for more information!🙏🌼🦋🌺🌱